Lineage 2 Revolution Hack

Generate Unlimited Diamonds with Lineage 2 Revolution Generator for Free

Hey there! We have a good news for all fans out there! The guys at JemGame has been working industriously to bring you the Lineage 2 Revolution Hack. It is your lucky day to have come across our hack generator because you can use it to generate unlimited resources. All types of resources can be easily generated with the Lineage 2 Revolution hack tool including Red diamonds, Blue diamonds, Topaz and Adena. Using the cheat tool can make your character more powerful. You can use the Red and Blue Diamonds to buy High-Grade Equipment to improve the CP of your character. Topaz and Adena help you to get more powerful weapons and equipment.

Maybe you’re wondering whether it will work on your platform. The hack tool runs smoothly on both Android and iOS devices. You don’t have to bother about jailbreaking or rooting your devices. It is convenient to use our hack tool as it accepts the details of both your old or existing account. The hack tool can be safely used without any risk of your account getting banned. Besides, you don’t have to manually update it as it will refresh on its own. Don’t hesitate anymore. Start using the generator to generate unlimited resources for the game. Beat all your rivals and be the top scorer in Lineage 2 Revolution Game.

Highlights of Lineage 2 Revolution Generator


  • Give you as many Red Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Adena and Topaz as you want
  • Runs on both Android and iOS mobile devices smoothly
  • Don’t have to root or jailbreak your device
  • Free from virus and malware
  • Stay anonymous with the private proxy and anti-ban feature.


Step By Step Instructions on Generating Unlimited Resources with Lineage 2 Revolution Generator


  1. First, you must go to Google Play or App store to download the Lineage 2 Revolution game
  2. Press the button called Online Generator
  3. Choose your preferred platform and press the connect button
  4. Enter the number of resources you want to generate. There are four types of resources that you can generate including Red Diamond, Blue Diamond, Topaz, and Adena.
  5. Press the Start Hack button
  6. After a few seconds, reload the game and see if the generated resources show up on your account.

Bonus Tips on How You Can Level Up in Lineage 2 Revolution


  1. The easiest way to go one level up is by completing the Main Quest. Completing the Main Quest can help you to become skilled in playing the game. It allows you to quickly move on to different places on the map. You can earn the largest number of gold through this method. At some points, you may find the game hard to play. You can’t defeat the enemies or you can’t seem to accomplish something that is required for you to pass through the level.
  2. Another way to level up is to hold a party. Holding a party with a lot of people can significantly increase your bonus experience. You should try to invite as many people as possible to the party as doing so can add a lot of bonus experiences.
  3. When it is hot, it is the time to increase your levels. You should look for monsters that are either plus or minus 5 levels. You will receive lots of bonus experiences for a limited time frame of 30 minutes. Killing monsters with plus or minus 5 levels can help you to level up quickly. You will find yourself getting an enormous amount of experience based on the damages that you have done to the monster.
  4. Many players like to wander around the extraction dungeon. For you, it is probably not the ideal place for obtaining experience. The trick is to use the blessing potion and you will get a lot of bonus experience. After applying the potion, you must go into the extraction dungeon and gather the flowers for making the elixir. Doing so will help you to accumulate a large amount of experience. When in this area, you must take extra caution because you can easily get attacked by the enemies. Other than that, it is one of the best places for you to obtain experience.

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