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Clash of Kings Cheats – Generate Unlimited Gold

Howdy fans of Clash of Kings! We know that many of you are searching for a hack on this game so we team at jemgame decide to release the Clash of Kings Hack. The cheats tool can effectively generate the hack when you are playing the COK game on your phone. Many of our users send emails to us about this fun game. Seeing so many of our users enjoying the game, we feel that we should develop and publish the hack tool.


Clash of Kings cheats is a simple to use hack tool. First of all, you must press on the button below to go to the page. Once on the page, you must input your username and choose whether you use iOS or Android to play the game. As a reminder, there is no limit on the quantity of Gold, Food, and Wood that you can generate. Because no limit is put on how much resources you can generate, you can easily add upgrades to your buildings and build a troop of strong soldiers.


There is no need to jailbreak or root your device in order to use the hack tool. It is free from all kinds of malware and spyware as you are not required to download any file. To protect your account, we recommend you enable the private proxy feature to prevent the moderator from tracking your account and suspending it. The private proxy allows the generator to connect to the game server on secure proxy while the guard protection script offers further protection by making your account appear anonymous.


Go ahead and get the resources you need to build the army troop that you’ve always wanted to build! Let the battle cry shouts!!!!


Important Highlights in Clash of Kings Hack Tool:

  • Generate as many Gold, Food, Wood as you want into your account
  • Run smoothly on both iOS and Android platform
  • No Need to Bother about Rooting or Jailbreaking your device
  • Free from malware and spyware
  • All connection are secure and anonymous/Anti-ban System adds additional layer of protection for your account


clash of kings hack

Step by Step Instructions on Using Clash of Kings Hack Cheats?

  • Go to App Store or Google Store first to download the cheats.
  • Press the Online Generator button below. (it will take you to the page that contains the cheats tool)
  • Choose the platform of your choice and connect
  • Input the quantity of Gold, Wood or Food resources you want for your game
  • Hit the Start Hack button.
  • Launch the game after waiting for a while

Use Clash of Kings Hack


Some Bonus Tips on Clash of Kings Tips:

  • Protecting your soldiers – One method is to position them in the alliance super mine. Another way to protect them is to send them to scout the ruins of the castle. The longer the scouting of the castle ruins last, the better it will be. The third method is to assign your army to work on a far away farm.
  • Explore small castles – send your army to explore small castles that are situated in a proximity as these places often have a lot of resources to collect.
  • Build farms – You can try to open as many farms as possible as this will help you to collect more resources that you can use to upgrade your troops and buildings..
  • Make allies with stronger armies – you must try to make allies with more powerful soldiers as this can boost your defense strength. Making allies can protect you when you are being attacked by a strong enemy troop.
  • Focus your concentration – You must put in your total concentration when you are carrying out farming activities at a castle that belongs to others because your troop will end.

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